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AL-K Storage

Kai Stania

Elegant storage furniture with aluminium details.

The AL-K storage combines formal concision and intelligent functions. Elegant furniture for the high-quality areas in the office. Its design relies on clear contours and minimalism. The striking, rear aluminium strip signals a distinctive high quality. Consistent fronts up to 200 mm create generous elegance with their visually calm surfaces. The AL-K Storage can be transformed with different materials and colours: veneers, glass surfaces and leather provide exciting contrasts.

Available features for the AL-K Pedestal, Sideboards and Credenzas include: fixed or sliding top panel with cable tray and connection plug board, electrical or mechanical lock, soft push latch drawers optionally controlled with servodrive, organisation of the top drawer with an accessory tray and tray dividers made of aluminium, Sideboards can be furnished with CPU swivel board, fan set or notebook preparation. The AL-K Media Credenza is either furnished with an extendable screen or with an ultra-wide-angle projector for projections with minimal distance to the screen.


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