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Filo 4-Star Table


A meeting table for small-scale discussions.

A basis for constructive discussions. The innovative Filo 4-Star Table has everything that a meeting table needs for small-scale discussions with great results.  It owes its extraordinary stability and visual elegance to the striking shape of the table frame, with its four wide arms – “the antlers” – combined with the star-shaped supports. It can be furnished with the Filo Media Panel and combined into an attractive ensemble with the Filo Chair.

The Filo 4-Star Table is available with a round table top or as a soft square – each with sizes of 120 and 140cm – and offers space for up to eight people. A variety of veneers and structural varnishes can be selected for the design of the table surface. The antlers consist of polished die-cast aluminium.

For additional needs the Filo Conference Table offers space for larger groups.


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