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KlausFranck & WernerSauer

Over 35 years ago two young designers at Wilkhahn recognized that sitting still cannot be healthy. Both of them wanted to give adults their natural mobility back.

Following intensive studies, they developed the FS-Line, a chair that revolutionized the office furniture industry. Since then, we have produced 40 variations of this chair. Millions of these have been sold worldwide; they have been inundated with awards and have often been imitated – but not very successfully.

The principle is quite simple: the highly flexible seat shell adjusts automatically to any change in posture. The technical term for this is: “automatic synchro-adjustment”. We call it “Sitting without a driving licence.”

The elegant silhouette of the highly elastic seat and backrest shell persists in the swivel arms. Affixed to the frame with only two screws, the shell provides support to the opening angles and movements. Once the seating height and synchronous adjustment mechanism have been adjusted, the FS chair does everything else itself. The tiniest of movements and shifts in weight are enough to change posture.