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FS Management

Klaus Franck & Werner Sauer

Classical. Modern. Enduring.

The FS-Line was launched back in 1980. And its highly flexible, unitary seat- and backrest shell are still considered a global milestone in dynamic seating. With the elegant curve of the swivel arms, the appealingly spacious seat, slim contours and compact mechanics, the design also wrote history. A more attractive ergonomic office chair, so lacking in complexity, is difficult to imagine. Well-known publishing house “form” devoted a whole issue of its “ Design Classics” series to the FS-Line. So it’s not surprising that the FS-Line’s Executive models have been popular with decision-makers in the worlds of politics and business for decades.

The FS Management models are available as office or conference chairs in two backrest heights, exclusively with bright chromium-plated frames and robust leather. After all, we want them to keep their owners company for decades. FS Management is extremely good value, reflecting current trends in management styles and dynamic seating. As a  result, it is the ideal choice when a touch of gravitas, as well as healthy and comfortable dynamic seating, are required.