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Modus Executive

Justus Kolberg
Klaus Franck
Fritz Frenkler

Smart yet casual.

In positions of responsibility, office and conference chairs are the last things you cut back on. Which is why the Modus Executive range is all about quality not quantity. It combines the exceptional comfort and stylish appearance of Modus with exclusive and prestigious features: seat and backrest are covered in flat cushions with extremely supple leather. With carefully stitched seams, they emphasise the slender shape and also lend the furniture a high quality informal appeal. Whether as office, conference or cantilever chair, Modus Executive stands for a contemporary and dynamic management style. Despite all the variety offered in terms of function, features and style – all Modus models have one thing in common: their superb look and first-class ergonomics.
Seat and backrest with leather-covered flat cushions, polyamide armrests with embossed leather covering, bright chromium- plated aluminium frame.

A class of its own.

The combination of minimal materials, maximum transparency and ideal comfort in terms of support and motion puts Modus in a class of its own. It’s the epitome of dynamic seating at its best. The moulded die-cast aluminium swing plates are the ergonomic and aesthetic heart of the design. With compact  synchro adjustment capability, they guarantee unequalled fluidity of movement in the backrest and seat. Equally attractive and sophisticated is the covered back frame with the characteristic cut-out sections at waist level. It adjusts to different body shapes and supports you in any posture and ensures it’s cool and pleasant to sit on.