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NOOXS Think Tank


Homey mini-rooms for temporary use.

The freestanding room-in-room system with integrated ventilation and lighting creates temporary private zones in open spaces. While glazed elements convey an atmosphere of lightness, curtains and blinds offer optional privacy if desired. Options for use are varied, in the final analysis the furniture determines the function. Meeting room, stand-up meeting, Business Box or Phone Booth – anything is possible.

Uniquely designed and available in four sizes, THINK TANK offers high quality comfort, a complete technical infrastructure in an extremely short assembly time. The Phone Box and the version “Small” have been designed for 1 person, the “Mid-sized” version for 2-4 people and in the version “Large” fit up to 6 people. A ceiling technology element with completely integrated LED lighting and ventilation spans the room. The NOOXS Think Tank provides in three acoustic the desired noise protection: Standard (up to 27 dB Rw), Acoustic level 1 (up to 32 dB Rw) or Acoustic level 2 on request (up to 37dB Rw).