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PARCS Causeway


PARCS Causeway is a furniture programme consisting of benches, fence modules, walls and cabinets. The elements can be combined in numerous ways and offer a high degree of design freedom. Vertical modules shape the space and provide a screen for work that requires concentration. The various heights of the Causeway elements encourage users to assume one of three different positions: sitting, standing or leaning, and they allow ergonomic freedom.

If the seating and standing elements are expanded with storage areas and shelves, the PARCS Causeways also offer space for a library. A Power Bar for media-supported work as well as lighting and screens are also available as supplementary elements.


parcs causeway inspiration - PARCS Causeway
The idea is taken from the Giant’s Causeway, an impressive natural rock formation in Northern Ireland which is made up of 40,000 basalt columns. The Giant’s Causeway is a World Heritage Site and a major tourist attraction. PearsonLloyd was interested in observing the behaviour of visitors: each individual found a position which was most comfortable for them, sometimes seated, sometimes squatting, sometimes leaning, lying or standing.

Another source of inspiration were the Spanish Steps in Rome. Here too everyone intuitively assumes the position that is most pleasant for them. Furthermore, even when crowded, the stairs continue to offer different groups their own individual space.