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Christian Horner


The most exciting innovations develop in places where people have the freedom to think playfully. Defined areas in the office that inspire a lively group dynamic and offer a creative playground are becoming increasingly important. The challenge is to create a place that naturally compliments day-to-day working life –  culturally and spatially. Furniture that is as flexible and unfussy as the team itself can help to create such a space. This is where PIXEL comes in. These ingenious little boxes can be combined to create different pieces of furniture, be it storage containers, seating or a table – PIXEL is up for anything!

Build huge ideas with  small boxes.

FRAME_S Boards add vertical work surfaces – digital or analogue – to PIXEL. There are two types to choose from: the T-Type with one frame and the H-Type with two frames. As a room divid-er on wheels, it can be easily moved to wherever you need it. And it pro-vides practical storage space for PIXELS.

Workshops in Workflow.

Particularly during workshops, it is often necessary to change the spatial environment several times a day. PIXEL enables you to quickly and easily reshape the spatial setting to meet your requirements. This is not only incredibly practical, but helps to clear the mind.

Ideas Workshop.

PIXEL brings a workshop feel to the IDEA LAB, energising the workplace with dynamism and a start-up-like mentality. It creates a space where you can think freely, where big ideas and successful business  models develop.


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