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Static conference tablesystem Travis


Customized forms. Generous spans. Media technology perfectly integrated.

Individuality with the quality of series production, customized adaptation to requirements and perfect integration of state-of-the-art media technology: the Travis conference table system is the ideal modular solution for creating conference table configurations that are a model of excellence.

The modular frame is an articulating structure with large cantilevered tops permitting virtually any form and format, ranging from single conference tables with a span of up to 3.60 m to spacious, solid table configurations or open-centred configurations allowing liberal selection of linking angles. Two table leg variants and three different types of edge profiles, combined with a wide choice of Wilkhahn surface finishes also guarantee that Travis will merge aesthetically perfectly with any individual space and design themes.

An ingenious, easily accessible power supply system also with coherently high-quality design ensures natural, user-friendly integration of media technology: ranging from plug-and-play connections to interactive connectivity modules and electrically retractable displays.

The new dimension in conferencing.

Growing specialization and complexity require more and more cooperation and agreement. The frequency of meetings and conferences and the time they require is increasing accordingly. Conference equipment and furniture should be top priority when specifying conference interiors:

To bring people together, strengthen their common interests and promote decision processes.

  • To convey the values and approach of the company in a lasting manner.
  • To open up the multimedia virtual world in view of globalization and worldwide networking.

As these tasks require highly individual solutions depending on the company, room dimensions and media technology, Wilkhahn has collaborated with the wiege design studio to develop the new Travis table range that combines significant advantages:

  • Derived from the Italian word “trave” (beam), the name characterizes the advantage of table configurations permitting a span of up to three metres with just a few table legs. This creates a calm atmosphere, allows flexibility in terms of the number of seats and facilitates floor cleaning.
  • The modular frame is an articulating structure comprising pedestal legs, beams and table top bearers, thus providing perfectly coordinated frame geometry for virtually any form and format: for a configuration that is solid or open-centred, circular, oval, barrel-shaped, boat-shaped or faceted.
  • Specially developed, retractable cable channels, adapted to the specific length of the beams and linking angles, open up a host of possibilities for integrating state-of-the-art media technology into table configurations in a way that is easily accessible, functionally and aesthetically perfect.

In a nutshell: Travis accommodates individual requirements with lasting aesthetics, technical functionality and sustainable quality of the highest degree.

Customization perfected by series production.

In traditional meeting and conference spaces, the Travis table system’s variety of formats, seamless integration of multi-media equipment and spans of up to three metres produce an uncluttered look with plenty of leg room and seating flexibility. The frame’s structure consists of columns with a disc or T-shaped base, crossbeams, table top bearers positioned as required and optional cable channels that fold out easily when cables are added. Whether open-centred or closed, round, angular, oval, barrel or boat shaped, Travis blends tailor-made craftsmanship with industrial perfection, top-notch funtionality and exceptional quality.

Prestigious. Energising. Dynamic.

Lack of physical activity in offices is considered the main reason for back pain, headaches, fatigue and other complaints in the modern world. At desks or in conference rooms – the majority of office work is sedentary. Which is why, in addition to dynamic seating, alternating between standing and sitting is becoming increasingly important. Getting up and standing for a time while working pays dividends. Especially when your body’s seized up and your creative powers are stalling. And the same applies the other way round too. If meetings at high tables drag on, sitting down in between helps take the pressure off.

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