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T-Front Office

Kai Stania

The quality of this desking system lies in its possibilities, such as in high quality consultant workstations in the Front Office. Generous desk layouts with distinctive table shapes and material combinations are characteristic of the T-Front Office. Sideboards serve as assistants, providing space for storing information and media technology. T-Front Office provides an elegant space for customer meetings.

T-Platform’s versatility permits various frame designs:

  • O-leg, 4-leg, A-leg, T-leg, C-leg, slab-end, column leg and slope.
  • All frame models are available with a fixed height (except for A-leg) or height-adjustable leg.
  • Levelling through base (10 mm).
  • The following tabletop shapes are available for the front office: rectangular / oval / boat-shaped / fan belt / desk at 150° angle on user side (3 versions).
  • Can be customised with a variety of colours and materials.


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