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Christian Horner
Kai Stania
Johannes Scherr

An ensemble of different meeting tables that is suitable for use in all zones and areas of the office where communication takes place – above all in meeting and conference areas. In different sizes and heights, with different tabletop and frame designs, in a variety of colours and materials. Ranging from small meeting tables to upright tables and multi-part conference tables with integrated media technology. The design of T-Meeting is striking, minimalist and high-grade. It can be used in all communication zones and areas: at the workplace, as a meeting and conference table, in lounge areas, recreational and central areas, or in the cafeteria.

  • Frame variants: O-leg, 4-leg, A-leg, T-leg, slab-end, column leg and slope.
  • Tabletop shapes: oval, boat-shaped, rectangular multipart meeting tables optionally with cable flap or sliding top.
  • Optional professional and comprehensive media integration (Bene MediaRoom).
  • Access to VGA, network and power connections is provided via aluminium cable flaps.
  • Can also be furnished with a projector box.
  • Cables are managed by means of cable trays and chains.