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Third Working Level


The Table and Reception Panels serve many functions: They help to create an individual work environment, assist in organising the workspace, provide a visual and acoustic shield and enable focused work as well as cooperative work. They structure and divide the office as vertical elements (top edge of 105, 113, 133 or 152 cm) and create distinct work sections through various combinations of colours and materials.

Numerous expansions are available to individualise the designs of the workplace: add-ons made of fabric or perspex (with heights of 19 or 39 cm) create additional screening; hook-in elements such as pin or magnet screens, binder boxes and boards with drawers offer space for organising and storage. Modules of the third working level are extremely flexible and can be easily adapted at any time to the changing needs of the user.


die dritte arbeitsebene 09 - Third Working Level
The 3T Table and Reception Panel consists of a 19mm fine chipboard with an organisation profile attached to the top edge of the panel that can be used on both sides.


die dritte arbeitsebene 11 - Third Working Level
The 3L Table and Reception Panel consists of a 19mm fine chipboard which is attached 20mm behind or to the side of the table top.


die dritte arbeitsebene 10 - Third Working Level
The 3P Table and Reception Panel consists of a 34mm strong, anodised aluminium frame with an organisation groove and configurable tray elements.


die dritte arbeitsebene 06 - Third Working Level
3A Screens for a visual, lateral screening at the workplace. An upholstered, flexible element with rounded edges that divides large work surfaces into personal areas. A large selection of fabrics makes it possible to set colourful accents in the office.