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Pearson Lloyd

A jaunty companion for any team.

The new swivel stool by Bene adds dynamism to the office. The TIMBA stool integrates itself in a relaxed and easy manner into informal collaboration and team zones of a modern office. With its consciously informal style, the TIMBA stool uses a clear counterpoint to the strictness of classic seating. It contributes to create an atmosphere in which communication and creativity can develop freely. The TIMBA stool is open for the versatility of today’s work methods and is the ideal seating solution for team work and informal exchange.

The round seat of the stool swivels and ensures ideal mobility whilst talking. A model with a backrest is ALSO available, which provides more stability as a storage place or support. The padded seat is made of high quality, glass fibre reinforced plastic in off-white or dark grey and can be covered with any fabric, leather or colours from the Bene spectrum.

TIMBA stool scores with the use of wood as the characteristic material. The four slightly tapered legs create a conical shape towards the ground and are made of solid oak, either natural or stained in graphite. The high quality, natural material gives a charming cosy touch and solidity.

The TIMBA stool is not only suitable for office zones, but also looks great in areas like cafeterias or even in homes.