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Treehouse was developed with the intention of creating a climate like in a child’s play: warm, cozy, safe and at the same time very functional. Its simple but sophisticated aesthetic qualities were the basis for the lines and surfaces which were developed by us with attention to every detail. Owing to its wide range of fabrics and two kinds of wood, the product can be arranged according to customers’ preferences. The essential features of Treehouse are its modularity and mobility. Owing to the installed wheels, the product, despite its size, may easily be moved. It is especially designed for office work. Depending on your needs, it offers you a lot of solutions. It can be joined together at improvised meetings, creating a team work atmosphere, or stand individually, to ensure its user a feeling of privacy, making contemplation and concentration easier. It can also serve as an impressive partition wall separating big public spaces. The whole concept of Treehouse, its cohesion and harmony will impress everyone.