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Tomek Rygalik

Tulli, designed by Tomek Rygalik. Tulli is a modern armchair which is perfect both for outdoor and indoor use.
Based on advanced technologies, it represents a system solution offering a broad range of arrangement possibilities.

Tulli is an uncomplicated, yet visually appealing form. A distinctive element of Tulli armchairs are subtly outward curved armrests. With its subtle reference to the Tulipan armchair designed by Teresa Kruszewska in 1973, Tulli is also an attempt to maintain the continuity of Polish furniture design.
The innovative feature and essence of the Tulli system is its precisely shaped ergonomic form produced in the rotoforming technology which was applied in two different ways: to make a complete outdoor chair and a core for the upholstered indoor version. Since the overall form is divided into two modules, it allows additional function-dependent combinations as well as alternative steel bases and wooden legs.

Tulli armchairs are excellent for public spaces. They are also an attractive option to be used at events, festivals or trade fairs.

At home, Tulli will fit perfectly in a garden or on a terrace, and the upholstered version will spruce up the dining room. Partially or fully upholstered Tulli armchairs are a perfect solution for modern loft apartments, concept stores, clubs, restaurants, offices, hotels or shopping centres.