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Phone: +370 63211122
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Standard Chartered Bank

Marina Bay Financial Centre, Singapore, Singapore
Banking, Finanical services
Woodhead, MMoser Associates


Standard Chartered Bank in Singapore is part of an international banking group that is active in over 70 countries around the world. Their main focus is on Asia, Africa and the Middle East. The bank was formed in 1969 by the merger of Standard Bank of British South Africa, founded in 1863, and the Chartered Bank of India, Australia and China, founded in 1853. Standard Chartered Bank has 150 years of company history in Singapore and has grown constantly throughout that time.

The highest standards.

The towers of the Marina Bay Financial Centre add to Singapore’s impressive skyline and are the focal point of the new downtown. Standard Chartered Bank found the ideal space for their offices in the 33-storey Tower 1.

Bene was asked to furnish the executive suite and the private banking areas. The customer had two main requirements for the project: they wanted top quality aesthetics and a perfect acoustic solution.

Spaces should be open, but discrete.

In general, offices in the banking industry have to perform a balancing act: on one hand, the space must facilitate absolute discretion, and on the other hand, it must create an open atmosphere that conveys both transparency and closeness to the customer. Bene’s glass room partitioning systems are ideal for this. The double-glazed RF Corridor Wall enables visual openness and offers views into representative spaces while ensuring confidentiality and privacy with its outstanding acoustic characteristics.

The glass wall is aesthetically striking with its clear, quiet design, which has an invisible frame construction and the bank’s logo as a design feature. Bene also used the RF to meet additional customised customer requests: integrated Venetian blinds and solid doors, which have white rear-lacquered glass in the executive areas and wood veneer in the private banking areas.

Wood is also a prominent material for the wall panels and tables. It harmonises with the glass walls while at the same time creating a prestigious and comfortable atmosphere. The large window surfaces and transparent design allow daylight to stream into the building’s interior – and also enable views of the city and the ocean.