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Biuro baldai
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PARCS Toguna Circle


A dynamic meeting point and the perfect setting for the exchange of ideas and collaborative working.

Toguna Circle—a circular room within a room with the unmistakeable air of a domestic lounge. In the thick of the action yet also private.

With its three metre diameter, Toguna Circle offers plenty of space for up to ten people to hold informal meetings and stage workshops. A range of fit-out options are available to help you create the perfect space.

The option of integrating media walls with a monitor adds an extra level of functionality to the space.

Soft cushioned walls enclose a circular room. The walls and floor form a fixed space but one which is not structural with regard to the building. Carpeted floor. Soft wall. 151cm high, divided into two segments. One or two entrances. The fit-out of the interior according to choice: benches, cushions, stools tables and media furniture.