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Justus Kolberg

A distinctive frame. A chair that rocks.

And that’s perfectly crafted.

Conference chair Sola echoes the Wilkhahn tradition of combining innovative comfort with a crisp design and high-quality appeal. The chair’s aesthetic is defined by the linear shape of the seat shell and the distinctivelines of the aluminium frame. The frame branches out from the centre column into a V-shaped support that culminates in the armrests. The seat shell is cleverly swivel-mounted at the front and connected with the V- shaped support at the back by two pressure springs. The result is superb sprung comfort and rocking motion that’s adjustable

In addition to the clear design and the rocking feature, the first-class craftsmanship of the cushioning is also impressive. The back of the covered plywood shell includes double-thickness cushioning which creates a gap all the way round. This enhances the already slender profile.

Conference chair models

The conference chair models are optionally available with load-dependent braking castors. They can also come with multi-purpose glides plus additional felt for flooring that easily scratches. The chairs have gas lifts for continuous height adjustment with the levers matching the overall design.

Sola details

The shell, swivel-mounted at the front, sits on the V-shaped support due to two pressure springs at the back. The springs are encapsulated, making them look like shock absorbers.