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Phone: +370 63211122
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Coca-Cola GmbH

Am Euro-Platz 2, 1120 Vienna, Austria
Retail & Consumer goods
Architekt Inter-Pool Immobilien GmbH


Coca-Cola is a leader in the manufacture, marketing and sales of soft drinks. The company has more than 500 different brands on the market and employs 700,000 people within the Coca-Cola system in over 200 countries.


The new office in Vienna was designed and furnished as an open office. Inter-Pool Immobilien GmbH planned the interior space. One of the key project requirements was to minimise the disadvantages of an open plan office and to optimise the advantages. Major emphasis was placed on creating various privacy and recreation areas, as well as zones for informal communication. A large number of quiet booths offer 1-4 people an option for focused work, privacy and telephone calls. Acoustics were also a priority throughout the entire office. The furniture is distinguished by its high ergonomic comfort. Electronic height-adjustable desks allow users to alternate between sitting and standing while they work. Another important requirement was to create an atmosphere that represents the corporate image and conveys a zest for life. Accordingly, the office has lots of colours and different designs.

client comment
"The working atmosphere expresses exactly what our company and our products stand for: high spirits, optimism and communication".