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Christian Horner

Consiness and funcionality in the workplace.

Special details give the table system a fresh look.

Delta: This symmetrical table frame is available in steel powder-coated (in black or white) at a fixed height (74 cm) or height-adjustable (65–85 cm). Alternatively, if you are looking to add some warmth to your workplace, an oak frame with a natural varnish is also available as a fixed height (74 cm) option.

T-Panel: Table panels “pure” and “curve” bring colour and homeliness to the workplace. Table panels structure and divide the office using different heights, colours and material, creating defined work areas. The inclusion of upholstered panels creates a homely atmosphere. Attractive compartments fulfil different functions: steel shelves, wooden inlays with openings for cables and plant pots.

Soft edge: The distinctive curved corners of the desk top add a further new detail.